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Personal Account

Personal Investing Account

Corporate Account

Corporate Investing Account

All our investment strategies are individually tailored to meet client requirements.

Key Features:

  • A bespoke trading strategy based on your specific risk appetite and goals.

  • Combining strategies to suit your needs, including: conventional buy and hold, swing trading, day trading, and macro-event driven trading.

  • Hedging/risk management tools for your portfolio.

  • Extensive use of technical indicators and fundamental analysis to influence trading decisions.

Personal Account

An Equitrade personal account is aimed at individuals who want to invest part of their savings in financial markets. Within this type of account we would look to build both long and short-term investment strategies with the aim of growing your portfolio utilising your selected Investment Products.

Joint Account

If you would like to team up with a partner to trade we can open a personal account in joint names up to a maximum of four people.

Corporate Account

We offer a complete trading solution for corporate clients, built around powerful technology, a huge range of markets and dedicated support.