Creating a diverse investment portfolio means exploring all options to see which suit you. Equitrade Capital provides access to the highly liquid and regulated world of commodity markets.

Through these markets you can trade on the rising and falling of the prices of a wide range of different commodities, including: Agricultural goods, Livestock and Meat, Energies (Oil & Gas), Industrial and Precious Metals.

At Equitrade we provide advice on how to fully utilise the trading of this asset class, through a range of different products. Whether you intend to hedge a current portfolio by trading a ‘safe-haven’ asset, or you simply want to speculate on the supply and demand dynamic of a commodity, Equitrade Capital will be there to assist you with research and guidance during every step of the trade.

As you are trading on margin and leveraging your total position in the market both profits and losses are magnified, and losses can also exceed your initial deposit. Equitrade Capital employs a range of risk management techniques during the life-cycle of a trade to help protect your position.

For a more comprehensive list of the commodities we can offer or for more information on how commodities can be used for speculative or hedging purposes please contact us.