What is an IPO?

An IPO, or Initial Public Offering, is when a privately owned company offers its shares to the public, on a securities exchange, for the first time and shares are traded in an open stock market. One of the main reasons that a company may go public is in order to raise capital in order to grow its business. As well offer the company the chance to raise vast amounts of capital, the same applies to its early investors and this is why there is so much interest in upcoming IPOs.


Why Choose Equitrade?

When IPOs take place, a company will hire an investment bank to handle the processing of shares to investors, but many IPOs can become oversubscribed quickly making it difficult for the public to gain access. Investors can use a broker who has itself received an allocation of shares and this is where Equitrade Capital can assist. With over 20 years of financial market experience, we have close ties and relationships with leading investment banks and intermediaries, and will use our relationships to try and secure a portion of shares for our clients when an IPO takes place.


Upcoming IPO's

Three of the most talked about possible IPOs in the UK are for Aston Martin, Deliveroo and Emoov. These IPOs are sparking interest in investors and analysts alike and this is because there have been recent IPOs of very similar companies as detailed below. However, it is  important to bear in mind that whilst both short and long term success was achieved for both the companies and the investors involved in the examples provided below, historical IPO data is not a guaranteed indication of performance of any future IPO as the value of shares may rise as well as fall due to a number factors such as the volatility of world markets, economic conditions/data, news and events and you should always ensure you fully understand the risks involved before deciding if such an investment is suitable for you.

*All data correct as of 16/08/16

*All data correct as of 16/08/16

How to Get Involved

As well as offering brokering and advisory services to its clients, Equitrade regularly holds seminars and workshops to discuss upcoming IPOs and other investment vehicles including ISAa, Bonds, CFD’s, ForEx and Commodities. To learn more about investment opportunities or to book a place at the next seminar, you can speak directly to a broker on 0121 454 0770 or click the button below to register.